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What is the best Naturopath Prenatal Supplement? This is a question I get asked quite frequently! So, You’ve decided you want to start trying for a baby, naturally the next questions is, which is the best prenatal supplement for me?

As a Fertility Naturopath, I believe that first and foremost the nutrients we obtain from food are foundational for our fertility. So you might be thinking, do I really need a prenatal vitamin? I like to think of a prenatal supplements as an ‘insurance policy’, in addition to the food we eat.

The Research on Prenatal Supplements

Studies on taking multiple micronutrients are still scarce. Research suggests that supplementation before getting pregnant can help restore micronutrient status to recommended levels. Research has shown that prenatal supplements have a beneficial effect on fertility in healthy and infertile women. This includes a shorter time to pregnancy and an increased chance of becoming pregnant.

Key ingredients to look for in a Naturopath Prenatal Supplement

Most Naturopath prenatal supplements contain a whole range of nutrients in small amounts. A big portion of the table contains the more well known nutrients like folate (best form is methylfolate), and vitamin B12. Both of these vitamins are critical in preconception and the very early weeks of pregnancy. Aim for a prenatal with 500 mg of methyl-folate and 150 mcg to 250 mcg of active vitamin B12.

Choline is also another marker of a quality prenatal. Choline is crucial for fertility as it supports the development of healthy eggs and sperm, aids in fetal brain development, and helps regulate hormone levels necessary for reproductive function. Aim to consume 300 mg to 600 mg of choline which means you may need to supplement with additional choline.

Naturopath prenatal supplements should contain other important nutrients like iodine, which many Australian women are deficient in. Iodine is important for thyroid function and getting pregnant. For the first two trimesters of pregnancy you make the thyroid hormones for both yourself and your baby! So it’s important that you consume nutrients such as iodine, to improve your fertility and reduce the chance of miscarriage. Aim for a prenatal with at least 150 mcg of iodine.

Another marker of a quality Naturopath prenatal supplement, is that is contains 1000 IU of vitamin DVitamin D is essential for female fertility as it helps regulate hormone levels, supports proper ovarian function, and enhances the health of the uterine lining, facilitating optimal conditions for conception and pregnancy.

Need help choosing the best Naturopath prenatal Supplement for PCOS?

Download my 20 page guide that gives the 3 key ingredients that I look for in a prenatal for those with PCOS! I also give you step by-step instructions to ensure you know how much folate your prenatal contains.

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How to Choose the Best Prenatal for PCOS

Not All Prenatal Supplements Are Created Equally 

Some companies use very cheap forms of these nutrients that aren’t well absorbed or used by the body. The best example of this is Elevit! While it’s a common prenatal for some health care professional and even influencers to recommend, I can think of at least 3 different brands that are of better quality.

Looking for a good quality prenatal? Try Naturobest’s Prenatal for Women instead, or looking for a men’s prenatal? Try Naturobest’s Prenatal for Men.

If you found this blog helpful then let me know in the comments below! If you need more help with your fertility then book in for a consultation today.

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