The PCOS to Pregnant 6-week Program

Is Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) stopping you from getting pregnant? The PCOS to Pregnant is a 6-week program that covers all of the foundational steps to take to get pregnant when you PCOS. Everything is in one place for you!

Maybe you feel like you’ve tried everything and you aren’t getting any where month after month. Perhaps your GP or Specialist have just told you to lose weight and come back! If you’re ready to take action pop your email below and keep an eye on your inbox!

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You're looking for actionable steps to take to get pregnant

You’re sick of feeling like you’re going around in circle and want a clear path to move forward.


Nutrition, Lifestyle, and supplementation are all tools I use to help women with PCOS get pregnant.

You want to feel supporting in your path to pregnancy

You’re sick of being dismissed by your GP or waiting for your Fertility Specialist appointment.

Enhance your fertility

"I wasn't expecting to get pregnant so fast"

After working with Lesley for 6 weeks, I found out I was pregnant! I was shocked and overwhelmed to be honest. I can’t believe that a few small changes could result in me getting pregnant with PCOS. Working with Lesley was easy and I felt supported along the way.

- Jessica

Lesley O'Connor Fertility Naturopath

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