The PCOS Preconception Protocol Program

The PCOS Preconception Protocol is a  12-week program that helps women with PCOS trying to conceive naturally get their period back, have a regular cycle, and start ovulating sooner, (without the unpredictability or second guessing your body’s ability), so you can finally see those two red lines on pregnancy test and become the mother you’ve always dreamed of being. 

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You’re ready to identify the root case of your PCOS

Identifying the root cause of your PCOS is the first step in having a regular and predictable cycle.

You want to take action so you can CONCEIVE sooner

Nutrition, Lifestyle, and supplementation are all tools I use to help women start ovulating again. 

You want to feel confident in your body's ability

You feel like you’re body has failed you, let’s turn that around and give you back your confidence!

conceive naturally

"I finally had a plan for my infertility"

I had been struggling with infertility for the last 9 yrs. After years of doctors trying random medication that never addressed the root cause, I started working with Lesley who gave me answers and a plan. 3 months of change tracking my insulin resistance, I lost 10kg ( by JUST watching refined carbs). I cannot recommend Lesley more! She talks about the science and holistic approaches in a digestible format. I finally had a plan for my infertility and unexplained weight gain. I am so hopeful that I could reverse this naturally without the drugs and conceive naturally.

Vanessa - Sydney

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Pop your details in below to join the waitlist for the first ever round of The PCOS Preconception Protocol. This foundation found includes a group coaching style experience and the most personal support from me there will ever be! It will be an intimate experience with limited numbers and the opportunity to get every question answered. I will be offering this PCOS to Conception VIP foundation round at 50% off to my VIP waitlist first and expect these spots to be snapped up quickly!


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