Menstrual Cycle Charting Guide

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A simple guide to start charting your menstrual cycle and understand more about your body.

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Menstrual Cycle Charting Guide

This is a simple guide to start charting your menstrual cycle.

It covers:

  • Different ways you can use cycle charting
  • Tracking your cycle
  • My recommended period tracking app
  • Cervical Mucous Presentation in Each Phase of the Cycle
  • Recording Your Basal Body Temperature
  • Interpreting Your Chart
  • Secondary Fertility Signs

You’ll need an ovulation thermometer and period chart app!

While it can seem overwhelming to begin charting your cycle, once you learn the basic principles, it becomes second nature.

After charting your cervical mucus, basal body temperature, and secondary fertility signs you’ll be more in-tune with your body, I promise!

Please note: This is a digital (PDF) product and no refunds are given.


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